The following individuals and 
 entities made the completion 
 of the first phase of the 
 project possible:

C & G Productions
of Canes Vélima &
Guy Joseph:

Claire Guillaume:
Joe Volcy:
Mme. Smith Volcy:
André Siméus:
Pierre Fanfan Jérome de Jérémie:
Memorial Regional Hospital Group in  Hollywood:
Edrix Dorvil:
Dr. Daumont:
Yves Grésseau:
Jacques Jérome:
Abundant Life Health & Fitness Center:
Association des Rivartibonitiens au Québec:
Association des
à l'Etranger:
Jacques Morisset
de Saint Marc:
Loan from a good Samaritan:

In Haiti
Lionel Grand-Pierre:
Atanase Chavannes:











Solar energy for the people!
It makes sense; and it is absolutely a big deal.

Phase 1 of the lighting project is successfully completed
on October 17, 2006. 2 poles installed.

Phase 1:  Total Cost:  $5,888.00



Phase 1 Total Cost

Solar Panels:


Installation Fee:


Photos/ Study:




Phone Expenses:





In addition to 11,200.00 gourdes
spent in  Haiti.
A heartfelt thank you to all

Please encourage your friends,   brothers or sisters  to donate for the 2nd phase.
Don't worry! Your contributions are safe with us. Every penny collected goes
toward the lighting project. Feel free to ask questions! Don't be shy! 
Call 954-581-4770 or 954-260-8162

PHASE 1 of the public square lighting project is completed. To this effect, Rivartibonitians abroad as well as those living in Haiti made history. They 
finance the purchasing and installation of a solar panel mounting system
for the public square of Petite Rivière Artibonite . 2 lights have been installed.

This is the first time in Haiti solar energy is being used to the benefit of the 
population. CORPRA, ARENY, and ARRC think you all for  your contributions.


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